Special Parts

We produce fasteners according to customer specifications turning  up to 180 mm bar diameter. We are accustomed to respecting standard procedures to validate products (e.g. PPAP). On demand, we can grant material traceability or higher quality levels and special controls for material, treatments and processes applied.


  • 11SMnPb30-37 (AVP)
  • 36SMnPb14 (PR80) also quentched
  • 11SMn30-37 (AVZ)
  • AISI303
  • C45Pb
  • 39NiCrMo3/Pb

Heat treatments:

  • austempering
  • tempering, induction hardening
  • normalising
  • nitriding

Surface treatments:

  • electrolytic zinc coating (colourless or yellow)
  • burnishing
  • Geomet®
  • phosphate coating

Ring material for self locking nuts and ring nuts:

  • PA6
  • PA6.6
  • PTFE